Sabre Pro Fit Cartridges - Curved Magnum BP (Bug Pin)

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Sabre Pro Fit Cartridges Curved Magnum Bug Pin

Introducing the Sabre Pro Fit Carts - the ultimate solution for precise and efficient tattooing. These cartridges are exclusive to our brand and feature a curved magnum bug pin design with improved ergonomics, improved flow, and a higher quality casing/needle and rubber membrane.

The improved flow ensures smooth ink flow for precise and consistent results, while the higher quality casing and needle provide added durability. The rubber membrane is designed to prevent ink leakage and provide a smooth needle movement.

Each box of Sabre Pro Fit Carts includes 20 pieces, providing you with a long-lasting and cost-effective option. The disposable design makes them easy to use and clean, and they are perfect for use in a busy tattoo shop or for traveling tattoo artists.

Upgrade your tattooing experience with the Sabre Pro Fit Carts. They are available for purchase on our website, and we offer fast shipping and hassle-free returns. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself!

20 Pieces per Box


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