Tatsup Tattoo Supplies
Australia & New Zealand

A premium Australian based tattoo supply company, Tatsup focuses on innovative ideas, cost effective options and top quality products. We are a supply company for professional artists, offering a convenient delivery service, competitive pricing and the world’s best in tattooing supplies.

Our online store has everything you’ll ever need (and want) to elevate your tattooing business to the next level. Offering the latest in machines, needles and grips, inks and the highest quality disposable goods from leading innovators.

Forget that last minute dash to the supply store – we come to you! Our delivery service is second to none, offering same day delivery to areas in Melbourne, next day delivery within Victoria and speedy service to the rest of Australia. 

We are always growing and love to get feedback from our clients and there experience with our products and other products you would like as to add to our range.


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