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Ozer Tattoo Stencil Thermal Paper

Thermal stencil paper is made with high quality dyes. You can transfer your tattoo design vividly on any color skin without worrying about stencil quality.

Experience flawless tattoo designs with Ozer Thermal Stencil Paper. Each paper is expertly crafted with high-quality dyes, ensuring your tattoo design is transferred beautifully onto any skin tone. Its unmatched attention to detail makes it perfect for lines and dots, leaving you free to concentrate on perfect application. The paper's four layers ensure optimal results, just remove the brown protective paper, insert the yellow paper into the stencil printer, and press the start button to begin. No carrier necessary.

Sized to A4, it pairs perfectly with your thermal copier or printer for precise and professional results.

It is especially good for details such as lines and dots, allowing you to concentrate on your tattoo application.


  1. The paper has four layers, first,
  2. remove the middle brown protective paper. Next,
  3. insert the yellow paper into the stencil printer and hold it firmly in place.
  4. Then, simply load the design and press the start button on the stencil printer.


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