Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Transfer Gel 250ml (8oz)

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Meet Stencil Stuff®️ – Your go-to lubricant for the sharpest, cleanest and crispest tattoo stencil. Finally, a long-lasting product that's completely vegan friendly, without the inclusion of any harsh chemicals.

Made for simple, fuss-free stencil application, Stencil Stuff®️ is a smooth cream-like gel that's been clinically formulated to be non-toxic, non-sticky and safe for use across most skin types. It goes on clear, stays bold and doesn't wipe off, leaving you with consistent, excellent results.

Born out of a need for a better way to apply detailed, precision stencils, Stencil Stuff®️ was first developed by professional tattoo artists in 2005. Since then, the product has become a trusted must-have, used by thousands of tattoo professionals every day — supporting the application of stencils for all tattoo styles and helping achieve a brighter, longer-lasting stencil artwork

Stencil Stuff®️ supersedes all traditional methods of stencil transfer, allowing your stencil to transfer onto the skin crisper, cleaner and sharper — without the possibility of cross-contamination or smudging. Stencil Stuff®️ also eliminates the need to bloodline or grey line before ink and will serve particularly well whenever your tattoo design requires any outlining.


If ever there's a need to remove the transfer stencil for repositioning or changes, it can simply be removed with alcohol. The original thermal copy stencil can also be reapplied multiple times without the hassle of using damaged stencils or needing to make another.


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